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Due to dry weather patterns in 2002, High Rock lake and other lakes on the Yadkin River chain suffered very low water conditions. With the resent rains our lakes are back to normal.

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Abbotts Creek

Boat & Ski Club area of Goodman Lake

Crane Creek & Goodman Lake area

Duke Power Buck Steam Station and upper river area

Flat Swamp

High Rock Dam looking up river

Main channel with Crane Creek on right

Panther Point

Peeble Pont & Goodman Lake

Salisbury Water intake on Big Yadkin River with Little Yadkin River in background

Southmont & Hwy 8

Summer Place

Upper river about mud flats looking down river

I-85 bridge looking up river during drought

Picture above by Tom Truell of Kernersville, NC Aerial photo over High Rock Lake. Right side of photo appears to be top of picture. Someone has done damage to ALCOA property by mowing a sad face in the landscape.

Goat Island from the air by Gary

Hwy. 8 Flat Swamp bridge

Hwy. 8 Flat Swamp bridge area large stump uncovered

Hwy. 8 Flat Swamp bridge area old roadbed uncovered

Looking upstream from Hwy. 29 bridge at Spencer, NC. This is main channel of Yadkin River about 2 miles above High Rock Lake. The York Hill boat landing is just to the right of this picture.

I-85 bridge looking up river during flood of March 2003

I-85 bridge looking at York Landing during flood of March 2003

Below four pictures are main channel of Yadkin River from I-85 bridge at Spencer, NC. All three pictures are the same location. Look closely at top picture above tree line on left. You can barely see the top of smoke stacks Duke Power Company, of Buck Stream Station.

Large green sandbar is normally 8 to 9 feet below surface.

I-85 looking downstream picture is the right leg of main channel

I-85 looking downstream left leg of water and is called the "old River channel." These 2 water ways come back together just below the steam station.

I-85 looking downstream Same location but a week later and less water.

Does this picture give you a sense of what the animal life is going through on Badin and other lakes? This picture taken on August 15th. on Badin Lake 100 feet from shore. The stench is great from the decaying of Tiger Mussels.

Goat Island on High (Dry) Rock Lake

From same point as above, this picture is looking more toward main channel of river. Lighter gray is muck. Mr. Hilliard who owns the property below told me today that 40 years ago at full pond the creek channel in front of his pier was 28 feet deep. With a lake draw down now of 20 feet there is a mud bottom. 8 feet of silt and mud.

Goat Island, Crane Creek area, from old Steel bridge area

Dutch Second Creek looking upstream away from Tamarac Marina area himself at the Dutch Second Creek boat landing

Dutch Second Creek Wildlife landing

Flat Swamp swimming access area

View from High Rock Boat & Ski Club Be advised, you may launch boat but you can't go far.

Picture by Mike Gregory of Yachtsmans Point

Abbotts Creek in the Fosters Point Area. Submitted by Tim Byerly

Aerial photo taken by Mr. Donnie Roberts, Lexington Dispatch. Photo purchased from Lexington Dispatch Text added to photo by

Photo taken by Salisbury Post during water drawdown on Badin lake in fall if 2003. Shows old submerged concrete dam at Old Whitney on Badin Lake

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